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January 17 through March 16, 2012


Paul Hudgik · March 16

Guess who just found out that he was going to the Granite Gorge Spring Bash this Saturday?

Yup! you got it. David will be going to GG this Saturday. They will be having a Pig Roast, Pond Skimming, live Music, and More. Lift tickets will only be $17.

Stop by and say hello to Dave. He should be there by noon. Dave will be excepting donations in the GG Dave Hudgik donation jug all day. Also a raffle will be held for Dave to help cover his recovery expenses.

See you there. Thank you, the Hudgik Family

Paul Hudgik · March 14

David Needs Your Help!

David and his friends are busy putting out Donation Jugs at local merchants in Keene.

David needs to raise funds for a Wheelchair Accessible Van. Because of his height David needs a specialized van that will cost more then $50,000.

He needs the van to:
- Get to physical & occupational therapy he desperately needs NOW!
- Get to Doctors appointments
- Get to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta this summer
- Become more independent. Yes, he will be learning how to drive it.

When you see these Jugs Please drop in a $1, $5, $10 or more. It all adds up.

Get the word out.

Thank you! Dave's Dad Paul

Paul Hudgik · March 11

Guess who is going back to school this Monday Morning? Yes, David will be going back to Keene High School for the first time in 7 months. Hey any pictures of his first day back would be great. So if you have a camera or cell phone take some pictures we would love to see what his first day back at school was like.

Good luck Dave!

Love, David's Dad Paul

Brittney Hines · March 7

Hi everyone! Wanted to give a quick update for you all, as the family has been VERY busy and Barbara hasn't had the chance to get on here yet. David was discharged from Crotched Mountain last Friday (March 2nd) so the Hudgik family is now back in Keene! Yayyy!!:-) Thanks to Candy Ebbighausen & Dr. Weldon, they were able to move into a handicap/accessible apartment in downtown Keene!:-) They are now on Proctor Court (exactly right across the street from the Keene State archway enterance). Visitors are always welcome!:-) This is only a temporary/short term solution as we are still in search of a house for David and family. Any ideas for housing or housing you know of for sale in the Keene area, please let us know!:-) The sooner we can find the right fit for David & the family, the better!

Alice Hudgik · March 2

Granite Gorge will be hosting a raffle for David at their Video Park 2012 on March 3. Thanks Granite Gorge!

Details at http://www.facebook.com/events/235454799880791/

Paul Hudgik · February 26

Hey! I found my pictures of David returning to Granite Gorge. He has been wanting to get back for a long time and he finally made it. He had a great time visiting with his friends at GG and got to ride the lift to the top. Thanks Dawn, John, Dave, Rusty, Ben, Diane and the rest of our Granite Gorge Ski family for making it very special day for David and our family. I hope to post video of David riding the lift shortly. GG Thanks for for Welcome back

Barbara Hudgik · February 22

If you've seen Dave's FB page then, you know he went to Granite Gorge this past Sunday. It was a perfect afternoon to hang out on the deck in the sunshine and visit with lots of friends. He even got a ride on the chair lift! It was his first trip to Keene in five months and it couldn't have been better : )

We also had a rather large after-ski crowd stop by for a Chinese food extravaganza on Monday - thank you Ebbighausens and Cotters!

Paul Hudgik · February 14

February 13. WOW! What a Day. David went skiing at Crotched Mountain for the first time on a sit ski. He had a blast shredding up the mountain. He even got air off the bumps. We have some great video taken by the volunteers that helped guide him down the mountain. If I can figure out how to get it on face book or You Tube everyone will get to see it. Well here is the view from the top. Happy Valentines Day, Barbara, Emily and David. Love Dad!

Paul Hudgik · January 29 at 10:13 am

Dave, It is Great to have you back closer to home. You are lucky to have such an Awesome Mom and a very special sister to look after you these past 5 months. I'm proud of you all. It is Great to have all of you back home.

Love, Dad

Candy Ebbighausen · January 28 at 6:52 pm

I wanted to update everyone. Dave is officially at Crotched Mountain Rehab! His plane arrived at 11am and by the time they got him unloaded we got to see them at 12noon! Emily, Dave and Barbara all look great! A bit tired from the day's journey, but happy to be home! We stopped by the Manchester Mall on the way home and grabbed lunch in the food court...with what seemed to be 1000's of other people. :) We arrived at Crotched close to 4pm. They said he can get visitors any time. He is at the childrens rehab center of Crotched and it was pretty easy to get to; only about 40 minutes from Keene! The only thing Dave does not have is access to FaceBook!!! He will have internet soon, but can't go on FB...virus issues! :( I'm sure you'll hear from him soon one way or another! It is so great to have them home!!! ♥

Barbara Hudgik · January 26 at 10:00 pm

Dave's received his last reiki treatment with Dana this afternoon! We'll definitely miss Dana and want to thank her for gift of healing. I will try to carry on and give Dave continued treatments, since I attended Dana's Reiki I training session. It's been a help to him since he was an inpatient at Shepherd and, when one is dealing with a medical problem, anything that brings comfort, relaxation and relief is not only welcome but also necessary for healing. We'll look forward to getting back in 'touch' with Dragonfly Reiki next time we come to Shepherd.

Hitting the road in 32 hours, OMG! : - )

Barbara Hudgik · January 18 at 9:04 am

Coming home Sat. the 28th!

Barbara Hudgik · January 17 at 1:16 pm

Definitely done with day program on the 27th - will be booking flight for home this afternoon. Not sure if Dave will end up at Crotched Mountain Rehab or, if not, we'll be at the Holiday Inn Express in Keene while we come up with some other living arrangements.e



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